Encounter Types

Amazing Animal Encounters provide interactive displays, animal handling sessions,1:1 sessions, therapeutic services and educational pet care sessions, for all abilities. Bespoke sessions available on request


 Our sessions are delivered ethically and sensitively in a manner appropriate to our animal friends' welfare. Please check out the 'Q&A' page for more information about what you can you can expect


Virtual session: A child experience via Zoom or MS Teams 1/2 hour or one hour

Virtual consultations for those considering welcoming an animal to their family.


Private session at our smallholding. One hour. For recreation, education or therapy. One off or      regular. Scroll down for more information


Private session at your home. One off or regular. For recreation, education or therapy.



*Virtual sessions via Zoom or MS Teams


*Educational in person visits either one off or regular with a selection of animals


*Therapeutic sessions for hospitals, hospices, care homes, in the community


*Termly animal care courses and clubs for schools


*Interactive static displays


*1940'S themed display: Pets at War/Women's Land Army/Rural Life


*Private sessions on our smallholding for therapeutic benefits. Our clients include social services and NHS. One off or regular

*Radio interviews, talks and demonstrations


Not sure? Please ask! 


Come to our smallholding and meet our animals in their home setting for an extra special experience

Experience a snapshot of our unique lifestyle and daily life at home at Amazing Animal Encounters

Smallholding session: 

Meet Daisy May the pig, Marmite the miniature sheep and his friendly tame friends, Lola the pony, rabbits, ducks, free roaming rhea, chickens... and who knows who else just might pop up during your visit! Only a handful of slots available each week during the popular Spring season. Available March-October, weather dependent, some activities limited to Spring season.


Fox 1:1 

Spend a session specifically with the (domesticated for fur farms) foxes Vincent and Mimi. Get up close and personal in their enclosure and hand feed them. Additional package to include meeting our beautiful domesticated white skunk or combining with a smallholding session. Incredibly popular in Winter when the foxes have beautiful fluffy fur.

Regular sessions: 

For therapeutic benefits, we can book in regular private visits to the smallholding. Some people build up close relationships with specific animals while others just enjoy being part of everyday life here at Amazing Animal Encounters. Forget your troubles for an uplifting hour on a regular basis


Something else? Not sure? please ask! 

British wildlife in the log piles of the orchard at HQ