Our Amazing Home

We know it's important to our clients that animal welfare is paramount to the mission of the encounter provider they book.


Here we invite you to take a look around our amazing home, which we share with our animals, so you can rest assured about the environment they live in

Our holding includes grazing on our traditional organic fruit orchard, a pet free wildlife garden and organic vegetable garden. The exotic animals live in the house with the family, the animal unit or sulcata house. Our small holding is a wonderful sanctuary for wildlife, being home to frogs, toads, grass snakes, newts, lizards, hedgehogs, squirrels, birds, bats and many species of moth, butterfly and invertebrates including privet hawk moths, glow worms and hummingbird moths. We are also surrounded by acres and acres of arable farmland and wild deer, foxes, badgers, barn owls, little owls,  tawny owls, buzzards, sparrow hawks and kestrels are spotted on a daily basis.